Fully digital Kalaetron signals intelligence system enables detection and deep analysis of communications and radar signals in wide bandwidth by a single integrated system

Hensoldt has dubbed its new Kalaetron Integral modular signals intelligence (SIGINT) system for aircraft and UAVs as “the Future of Signals Intelligence.”

The system, which forms part of the company’s Kalaetron electronic warfare product family, enables the detection and deep analysis of communications and radar signals in an unprecedented bandwidth by a single integrated system.

Signals detected, analysed and monitored by single system

The fully digital system quickly detects emitters over an extremely wide frequency range from 20 MHz to 40 GHz. By means of automated resource allocation and software-defined tasks, communications and radar signals can be not only detected, analysed and monitored by a single system, but also the relationships between those emissions can be evaluated, fulfilling missions which currently require the deployment of several specific COMINT and ELINT systems.

Kalaetron uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify new threat patterns from a huge amount of collected raw data and depicts an Electronic Order of Battlefield (EOB) during the mission.

Platforms from business jets to UAVs

The new product line is available in a wide variety of configurations, responding to different customer requirements. It can be installed on a wide variety of platforms such as business jets, transport aircraft and UAVs.

Sergio Rizzi, Head of Sales Spectrum Dominance for Hensoldt explained that Kalaetron would become an “umbrella brand” for the company’s range of complete solutions. He said “At the end of thee story we will have with Kalaetron, a branding name with which we will define the future of the spectrum dominance developments and solution development from of Hensoldt.”

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