“I always joke with our clients that you can parallel park your aircraft now,” says Brad Seibold, President of HeliWagon.

Seibold was introducing HeliWagon, a wireless remote-controlled landing dolly for helicopters which allows helicopters to be safely moved into their hangars. The device offers pilots or crew 360-degree walk around visibility with 100 per cent control during the aircraft’s movements on the ground.

Seibold explained: “The handheld device can be used so it can be operated from inside of the cockpit. One of the reasons we designed it is so that the aircraft can be moved safely in and out of the hangar, avoiding any kind of hangar rash such as bumping into the side.”


HeliWagon’s wireless remote controlled devices are currently in use within the US, where the company is based, and 18 other countries globally. The device is able to operate in all weather conditions including snow, ice and rain.

Seibold said: “A lot of our clients like to use it to get helicopters in an out safely by using a remote control to bring it in and out of the hangar. Having it as a wireless remote gives you 360-degree walk around capability and keeps the blades inside so there’s no damage.”

“With the remote, you can actually turn it and get it into really tight conditions,” he added.

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