The potential shortage of pilots, engineers and overall talent in the aviation industry is worrying many in the sector. The Gulf Aviation Academy is taking a holistic approach to the challenge.

The Gulf Aviation Academy is aiming to address skills challenges in all areas of the aviation industry.

Captain Dhaffer Al Abbasi, CEO, Gulf Aviation Academy, told FINN: “We have everything for the aviation industry. We started with the pilots, we’ve introduced engineering training, cabin crew training and ground airport personnel training – whether it’s under the wing or at the airport, whether it’s air-side or land-side.”

The Academy has also added aviation security training recently, as well as maritime training and driving simulators.

There are plans to add training around aviation and airport safety and air traffic control this year.

Simulators for success

The Gulf Aviation Academy has three Airbus 320 simulator as well as an A330 simulator and an Embraer simulator. The A320 simulators offer over 28,000 hours of training time per year.

Last month (after this video was taken), the Academy received approval to buy a fourth A320 simulator.

“So we are trying to do our share to produce the massive amount of pilots that are required for this world,” Al Abbasi said.

He added that the Academy is starting to see more women coming through but that the onus is on the industry in each country to make it clear to women and younger girls that the opportunities are there for them.

Gulf Air is the Gulf Aviation Academy’s anchor client but the Academy also provides training for airlines such as Saudi Arabian and TAP Portugal.

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