Aria Hotels has announced its plans to build and operate four vertiports to support the integration of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in Greece, part of a €50 million investment by the Libra Group’s hospitality subsidiary.

The hotel chain intends to build the eVTOL terminals across “strategic locations” including Athens, the southern mainland and the Aegean islands, enhancing regional connectivity and promoting ecotourism. Alongside overseeing the operation of the vertiports, it will also manage its ten leased ten BETA Technologies’ ALIA aircraft intended to operate from them.

“With the construction of this vital infrastructure, we are prod to make the first of its kind investments to allow Greece to benefit from new technologies supporting ecotourism,” explained Makis Pantazatos, CEO of Aria Hotels.

“Through the innovative work of Aria Hotels, in partnership with our aerospace subsidiary and leading global aviation lessor LCI, we will support sustainable tourism and the economic growth of Greece and the Greater Eastern Mediterranean region,” added Manos Kouligkas, CEO of Libra Group.
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