Lufthansa Technik has delivered the second Airbus A321LR to the German Air Force with a transfer flight from Hamburg to Cologne-Bonn.

Like its sister aircraft already in service with the air force’s tactical registration 15+10, the new 15+11 will now also be available to the German Air Force for troop transport and parliamentary flight operations on short-, medium- and long-haul routes.

The respective capacity of each of the two aircraft in this configuration is 136 passengers.

MedEvac missions

In the coming year, both A321LRs will return to Lufthansa Technik to be modified and certified for MedEvac (Medical Evacuation) duties in the second phase of the project.

This will expand the aircraft’s range of operations to include capabilities for the qualified air transport of wounded, injured and diseased passengers. Three different configurations will be available to transport up to six intensive care patients or up to twelve mildly or moderately ill/injured patients.
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