Gen Phoenix, a leader in sustainable material innovation, in partnership with Sabeti Wain Aerospace and Doy Design, has launched the aviation industry’s first fully recyclable aircraft dress cover.

The Circular Dress Cover is a closed-loop solution that allows airlines to recycle 100% of their end-of-life seat covers into new seat cover material with no compromise on quality, durability or certification requirements.

This first-of-its-kind, fully circular cover is upholstered in Helios, a brand-new material innovation developed by Gen Phoenix; made using recycled end-of-life waste in a closed-loop process, that can continue to be recycled.

Current seat covers are traditionally made from a mix of non-recyclable materials that are hard to separate and end up in landfills or incinerated after their typical service life.

In contrast, Gen Phoenix’s patent-pending technology allows airlines’ old seat covers to be fully recycled, in their entirety, and repurposed at the end of their lives through the company’s innovative process.

“Airlines are under immense pressure to reduce waste and meet aggressive net-zero emissions targets,” says Nico den Ouden, CTO and GM Seating of Gen Phoenix.

“Helios, our latest material innovation, provides a revolutionary new circular solution for airlines looking to eliminate a significant waste stream and lower the carbon footprint of aircraft interiors. It’s a win for sustainability and a win for airlines.”

Early life cycle analysis shows the Circular Dress Cover reduces the carbon emissions footprint by approximately 30% as compared to traditional dress cover manufacturing. For a typical airline with 180 aircraft, it could prevent over 3 tons of landfill waste per year.

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