Qantas pilots and GE Aviation have developed a new flight data app, FlightPulse, that provides pilots with data to help them fly more efficiently and reduce carbon emissions

FlightPulse, the first fully commercialised product to be developed with mobile services from GE’s Predix platform, uses recorded aircraft data and analytics to enable pilots to securely access their individual operational efficiency metrics and trends.

Qantas Head of Fleet Operations, Captain Mike Galvin, said FlightPulse provides pilots with valuable information that was previously only available in aggregate or used by analysts.

He comments: “FlightPulse was designed by pilots for pilots. As a result, the information accessible on this platform helps them understand the operational efficiency of their flight.

“It provides pilots with flight data in a very visual way, allowing them to see first hand the amount of fuel used at different stages of a flight and how they can help to reduce carbon emissions.”

“Innovation at its best”

John Mansfield, vice president and chief digital officer for GE Aviation, adds that Qantas understands the value of using data across its operation: “Qantas is a great example of Australian innovation at its best, constantly at the forefront of finding better ways to enhance their operations. Through close collaboration, we were able to develop a solution for the industry that connects pilots with individualised operational efficiency data for the first time.”

Qantas was also the launch customer for GE Aviation’s Digital Collaboration Center in Austin, Texas late last year. Through the partnership, data scientists, software developers and architects from GE and Qantas work together to distill some of the trillions of data points produced by the aviation sector annually into solutions that can achieve greater fleet intelligence and operational insights.

GE has similar centres in Dubai, Shanghai and Paris to connect data, customers, developers and Predix, GE’s edge-to-cloud operating system designed specifically for the industrial world.