In the latest instalment in our From the Top series, we visit the home of Aiham Bader, CEO, Click Aviation – a company that’s making a big impact in business aviation.

Bader told FINN: “Click Aviation Network is a new concept in aviation. We wanted to build a smart and intelligent group of people working in a very transparent environment.

“This is where the word network came from. I believe in people, I believe in working together.”

The Click concept

Bader says he started the company in 2014 on his own, before gaining support from others and launching the network in 2016.

He explained: “The air charter operators, they have their own aircraft and they are trying to get travellers and customers flying with them. They also utilise the experience of the charter brokers. We believe that charter brokers are key in this endeavour – they are the people who can bring more customers into the industry.”

“We believe that charter brokers are key in this endeavour – they are the people who can bring more customers into the industry.”

By Aiham Bader, CEO, Click Aviation

“The concept of Click Aviation Network is to have the aircraft operators on our Omega Platform, have the charter brokers accessing the availability and generating more inquiries and requests to the charter operators.”

Asked what it takes to become a disruptor in this way in aviation, Bader said: “The healthy environment is the competitive environment – [that’s when] people start to invent things.

“I’m happy every time I see a development with my competitors – it encourages us to do something more. And I’m sure that what we did with Click Aviation encouraged a lot of people to do something better than what they were doing before.”

Where next for business aviation and Click?

Looking ahead, Bader said:  “For business aviation, I don’t see any reasons not to grow. I’m expecting in the coming two years to have growth in this business.”

He explained: “Every day more people are flying privately – more millionaires are coming every day because of the technology and different industries. So I’m expecting to have more flyers with Click. I’m happy with the growth we have at the moment in terms of the team – I have around 200 people working with me on this concept and vision.”

He added: “And in terms of business, we’re receiving new operators and new charter brokers every day. I’m very optimistic.”

Connecting it all together

We ask all our From The Top interviewees what keeps them awake at night.

Bader commented: “When you have 200 people working with you, you have to ensure that everybody is committed to providing the same level that you want them to provide – the same level as if I’m in their place that I’m going to provide. I think about pilots, crew, travellers, aircraft on the ground and what they need, what can we do for them, how we can supervise everything, how we can connect all the suppliers together to provide smooth services?

“This is one of the things that I always think about so when I sleep, I think about whether everything is OK – are the people in the operation [providing that level of service]?

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