Each week FINN takes a look back at popular or topical videos on the channel. This week the single-engine Cirrus Vision Jet

We often talk about gamechangers in aviation but the Cirrus Vision Jet looks like it really could live up to that billing.

The Vision Jet is the world’s very first single-engine personal jet which has received its Europe-type certification. We talked to Dale Klapmeier, CEO and founder, Cirrus Aircraft, about what’s so special about this aircraft.

Klapmeier said: “It’s a single engine jet and that makes it different. What it makes it special, is the cabin. We designed this airplane for the owner to sit in the front left seat – it’s incredibly comfortable.

“It’s a sedan, when the owner’s in the front left seat, anybody in the airplane is there because they have a relationship with the owner. You are a part of the flight, you are all together in it.”

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