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Tuesday at Farnborough International Airshow saw big announcements from industry leaders and government bodies, with a particular focus on sustainability.

After an outstanding Monday for attendance, exhibitors and visitors flooded through the gates for a second day on Tuesday despite the UK’s record breaking temperatures.


Rolls-Royce’s Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Grazia Vittadini and Easyjet’s CEO, Johan Lundgren, announced a new partnership, H2ZERO.

This will pioneer the development of hydrogen combustion engine technology capable of powering a range of aircraft.

H2ZERO is inspired by the global, UN-backed Race to Zero campaign that both companies have signed up to, committing to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The H2ZERO announcement was swiftly followed by the UK’s Jet Zero Council, launching a £273 million injection of government and industry funding to support a raft of new projects designed to slash emissions from the global aviation industry.


Also aiming to provide a superfast transatlantic option is Boom Supersonic, who unveiled a new design for their Overture aircraft, with four turbofan engines.

Slated to carry passengers in 2029, the aircraft will fly on 100 per cent sustainable aviation fuel and plans to achieve a flight time from New York to London of just three-and-a-half hours.

Dassault Systèmes has been showcasing its 3DEXPERIENCE platform this week, which is designed to facilitate transformation by accelerating design of eVTOL and other more sustainable aircraft through an end-to-end virtual twin experience.

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