Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is currently at the top of its hype-cycle with scores of programmes in existence around the world.

With a number of programmes at varying degrees of maturity in existence and still more continuing to emerge, Farnborough International has launched its Urban Air Mobility Outlook on this potentially highly disruptive sector.

The paper is intended to explain the dynamics of the emerging sector and to stimulate thinking within the UK UAM community. The thought paper explores market viability, barriers, constraints and enablers in this emerging sector of aviation.

Outlook delivers consensus engineering and business driven precis

The Urban Air Mobility Outlook has been derived from background material and the expert opinions of a subset of ADS Urban Air Mobility Group members. It delivers a consensus engineering-based and business driven precis of the credible UAM market and landscape reports published to date.

Findings and conclusions within the paper are deliberately speculative and have been provided by the ADS UAM Group Market Workstream which includes individuals from Achieving the Difference LLP (workstream lead and author), ADS Group, Aerospace Technology Institute, Atkins, Consortiq, D5 Aviation, Faradair Aerospace, Leonardo Helicopters, Rolls-Royce, Swanson Aviation and Williams Advanced Engineering.

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