After 20 months of disruption, the Dubai Airshow set the stage for the reignition of the aerospace industry – and the reintroduction of face-to-face networking, meetings and conversations.

The return of real life events was warmly welcomed by the industry. FINN talked to a number of industry figures to find out what the return of events meant to them.

Michael Schreyoegg, Chief Program Officer at MTU Aero Engines said: “It’s fantastic to meet these people again in person it’s fantastic to see how positive and how optimistic the spirit is out of this airshow so we will be ramping up again. We are back in the game now.”

“We are always going to need the personal touch”

André Stein, CEO of Eve Urban Air Mobility said: “The world has changed we are always going to need the personal touch. Meeting people face to face – that makes a difference for those of us who work in the mobility industry…We complement each other.”

Dr Mohamed Juman, MD and Founder of MENA Aerospace said: “People feel safe to be talking to each other, people feel safe to be close to each other. Let’s hope that continues and let’s hope that we get back to our normality.”

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