UK-based space staffing specialist EVONA has taken its vision of space sector equality from kitchen table to White House.

Established in 2019, co-founders Ryan Hill, Richard Joyce, Tom Kelly, and Jack Madley shared a drive to empower growth and innovation in the space sector by nurturing a talented workforce.

Born from a passion for diversity, inclusion, and the power of space to improve life on Earth, EVONA’s mission has landed them in the centre of this vital conversation.

White House

“Being invited to speak at the White House is a dream come true for us,” commented Richard Joyce, EVONA co-founder. “We started this company from a kitchen table with a mission to create a more diverse, equal and inclusive space sector, so we’re incredibly grateful to have this vision recognised on such an enormous scale.”

“This isn’t a knee jerk reaction to statistics, this is us listening to the companies we work with and understanding the value they place on diversity,” added EVONA co-founder Tom Kelly.

“They know diversity is one of the main drivers of growth and innovation, but they don’t realise that inclusion is the key to achieving this. It’s no good bringing people you perceive as diverse into your team for the sake of ticking boxes.

“Tokenism inevitably leads to employee turnover, because these individuals feel no sense of belonging or inclusion within your organisation. To build and retain a truly diverse team, you need to offer an environment that will make them proud and excited to work for you. We’re committed to bridging this gap to ensure a bright future for the space industry.”

Lack of diversity

Since its inception, EVONA has attempted to tackle the root causes of the space sector’s historic lack of diversity.

Standing at 89% white and 72% male, with a mere 2% having a disability, the space sector has long been criticised for its lack of diversity and inclusion.

With such a white male monopoly, the industry risks alienating the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences that can take it to the next level, EVONA believes.
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