The European Space Agency has signed a letter of intent on behalf of its network of business incubation centres to boost its offering for space start-ups with high growth potential, through the provision of market analysis and networking opportunities.

Global strategy consulting and market intelligence firm Euroconsult, which specialises in the space sector and satellite-enabled verticals, has signed the letter of intent to supply dedicated insight and connection opportunities that aim to enhance knowledge and access to business opportunities for the incubated companies.

ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs), an initiative launched in 2003 by the European Space Agency’s Technology Transfer Programme Office, have grown to become the largest network of space incubators in Europe.

More than 25 Centres have been established to date in some 80 locations across all the ESA Member States, each hosting a selection of young, local companies working within the space sector value chain.

Funding, coaching and technical advice

Incubated companies can remain on the programme for up to two years before graduating and benefit from funding, coaching, technical advice and a global network of industry and research contacts, with more than 1200 companies making up the prestigious list of alumni/ incubated companies to date.

Euroconsult are set to augment the ESA BIC benefits for both incubated companies and alumni, through a new collaboration that will offer access to industry leading market intelligence reports at a preferred rate.

Furthermore, Euroconsult will also deliver a series of webinars, offering valuable insight into multiple segments across the global space value chain, beginning with a dedicated showcase of their much anticipated 2022 Space Economy report.

High-potential space startups

ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher said: “This partnership between Euroconsult and our Business Incubation Centres emphasises the priority we give to space commercialisation and to the development of high-potential space startups.

“Through this partnership, we will complement the technical and market intelligence support we already provide to our BIC startups with additional intelligence and networking opportunities, further supporting them in their journey to scaling-up.

“This partnership is to be seen in the frame of our ScaleUp programme proposed to European Ministers for subscription in ESA’s next Ministerial Council this November.”
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