Eurofighter and NETMA (the NATO Eurofighter & Tornado Management Agency) have agreed a contract to develop the next capability enhancement package for the Eurofighter Typhoon, with the Phase 4 Enhancement (P4E) SD (system definition) package containing a number of new developments.

The P4E will also “undertake the analysis necessary to extend the service life of the Typhoon, ensuring the aircraft is available for decades to come,” explains Eurofighter. The capability development activity will take place within the four Eurofighter Partner Companies (BAe Systems, Airbus Germany, Airbus Spain and Leonardo), supported by the consortium’s wider supply base.

Phase 4 Enhancements include an automated sensor management capability for all Typhoon radars, an improved cockpit interface and enhanced Radio Frequency Interoperability (RFIO). DASS (Defensive Aids Sub-System) upgrades will also be introduced for all customers, including the German IOC (Initial Operating Capability) additional electronic warfare capability.

“Typhoon, the backbone of European air defence, will protect our skies into the 2060s, and therefore it is vital that we continue to enhance the capabilities of the platform and ensure it is operationally effective,” explained Giancarlo Mezzanatto, chief executive officer of Eurofighter. Simon Ellard, General Manager of NETMA, added: “the P4E system definition is a significant milestone in the delivery of an extensive capability upgrade that will ensure Eurofighter remains cutting-edge and a strong deterrence to our adversaries”.
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