One of the big challenges with training is having to travel to spend time in the simulator. What if the simulator could come to you? Esterline’s TREALITY TD series offers a simulator ‘in a box’ which can be brought to wherever it is needed.

Peter De Meerleer, VP Strategic Marketing and R&D, Esterline, explains: “It’s a transportable dome, and the dome has been developed so that you can put it up very quickly, and also tear it down very quickly. It can be set up in four hours. It has also been developed so that it fits into a standard eight-foot high container. You can actually put two in a single container, and move the container to the area where you want to have training.”

He adds: “Or you could also put it in a standard trailer, drive it around to where people need to be trained, and then basically the training can happen.”

Although the system is compact, it has a field view of around 220 degrees horizontally, which is more than a typical static simulator. The dome can also fit into standard office buildings.

It can be used for training to fly helicopters and fixed wing aeroplanes, or even driving or operating cranes.

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