The desire for an alternative method of transport has risen, with “the enthusiasm for what UAM promises and offers” higher than its ever been, explained David Rottblatt, VP Business Development at EVE Air mobility.

EVE Air Mobility has spent the last two years preparing for entry into the urban air mobility market, not only with the eVTOL itself, but with the company’s urban air traffic management solution, MRO and services and support functions.

Keeping a sustainability lens on the view of these solutions is high on the priority, explained Rottblatt. “The first thing we all need to understand with respect to urban air mobility, is these are all steps towards becoming carbon neutral.”

A series of exciting options

“Naturally, I think a lot of operators are looking forward to having not only a cost outplay with respect to the actual eVTOL, not producing internal combustion engines, but also the fact that this really produces a series of exciting options for how operators can continue to have a minimal carbon footprint.”

“Over time, I think as UAM grows in popularity as well as advancing in battery technology, together with European governments we will collectively realise that getting to carbon neutral as soon as possible is vital.”

Pre, during and post-Covid landscape

Industry has reacted and dealt with the different landscape of Covid differently, but Rottblatt explained how interesting it has been to see the advancement in demand and desire of the UAM sector, saying: “It’s been exciting to see how industry has dealt with Covid. As many people ae at home, working remotely, we haven’t been using conventional transportation so much that everyone was accustomed to.”

“As a result, people want to continue to have cleaner skies and cleaner roads. People are excited for that alternative method. So , on a whole, enthusiasm for what urban air mobility promises and offers has risen, and interestingly enough, we’ve all collectively continued to share progress as an industry.



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