Brazilian scientists Micael Carmo and Fernando Catalano have been selected as finalists by the European Patent Office (EPO) in the ‘Non-EPO Countries’ category of the European Inventor Award 2024 in recognition of their contribution to sustainable aviation.

They were chosen from over 550 candidates for this year’s edition. The award ceremony will be held on July 9 in Malta.

The two inventors respectively represent the Embraer and the research centre teams coordinated by University of São Paulo (USP) that participated in studies to implement engineering methods and solutions to design quieter aircraft.

The technology breakthrough contributed to reducing the noise footprint of Embraer’s new generation jet, the E2, by 65%. The E2 also has 25% lower CO2 emissions per passenger than the previous model, and this reduction in emissions can be increased by up to an impressive 85% with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Funded through a collaborative effort between Embraer, the Financing for Studies and Projects (FINEP), and the Research Assistance Foundation of the State of São Paulo (FAPESP), the “Brazilian Silent Aircraft” programme spearheaded by the company, in partnership with research centres from Brazil, England, Germany and the Netherlands, involved more than 200 researchers, granted several patents, and generated important contributions for the development of more efficient jets.

“It is a huge honour for Embraer and the Brazilian scientific community to be represented by Embraer engineer, Micael Carmo, and Professor Catalano, from the São Carlos School of Engineering EESC – USP. We strongly believe that collaboration between companies and research centres can produce innovations to make people’s lives better, and this programme is a great example of that,” said Henrique Langenegger, Embraer Chief Engineer. “Congratulations to the entire team, part of what makes the Brazilian aeronautical industry globally respected for its efficiency and sustainability”.

As one of Europe’s most prestigious innovation prizes, the award ceremony is organized by the European Patent Office (EPO) to honor individuals and teams with solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our time. The nomination highlights the Brazilian Silent Aircraft Program’s contribution to Embraer’s E2 commercial jets, which are optimally suited for noise-restricted medium-haul flights, offering cost advantages in densely populated airport areas, benefiting airlines, and positively impacting local communities.

The finalists and winners are selected by an independent jury comprising former award finalists. Together, they examine the proposals for their contribution towards technical progress, social and sustainable development, and economic prosperity. All inventors must have been granted a European patent for their invention.
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