Embraer delivered 80 jets in the fourth quarter, of which 30 commercial aircraft and 50 executive jets (33 light and 17 mid-size).

In 2022, a total of 159 jets were delivered, of which 57 commercial aircraft and 102 executive jets (66 light and 36 mid-size).

The Brazilian plane maker increased the number of aircraft delivered by 12.7% compared with 2021, even with significant supply chain constrains.

The firm order backlog ended 4Q22 at US$ 17.5 billion, US$ 500 million higher year-on-year.

Revenues reached US$ 2.0 billion in the quarter (53% higher than 4Q21) and US$ 4.5 billion in 2022.

Certification of the E190-E2 in China

Another milestone was the certification of the E190-E2 in China, as well as the certification of the E-Jets E2 (E195-E2 and E190-E2) in Canada. Last December, Porter Airlines took delivery of five E195-E2s.

The Canadian airline has ordered 50 E195-E2 in total. During the quarter, Embraer delivered three new E190 aircraft to CIAF Leasing, a company headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.

In executive aviation, Embraer delivered 50 jets (33 light and 17 mid-size) in 4Q22, while sales in the business aviation segment continues its momentum.

In the services and support, Embraer signed two contracts for heavy maintenance services with Envoy Air Inc. and with JSX, totalling US$72 million.

In addition, TUI has signed a contract for the Pool Program to support the E195-E2 jet fleet. Also, NAC signed a firm contract for up to 10 new E190F/E195F cargo aircraft conversions.

8,000 aircraft delivered

Headquartered in Brazil, Embraer has businesses in commercial and executive aviation, defence and security, and agricultural aviation.

Since it was founded in 1969, Embraer has delivered more than 8,000 aircraft. On average, about every 10 seconds an aircraft manufactured by Embraer takes off somewhere in the world, transporting over 145 million passengers a year.

Embraer is the leading manufacturer of commercial jets with up to 150 seats and the main exporter of high-value-added goods in Brazil.

The company maintains industrial units, offices, service, and parts distribution centers, among other activities, across the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
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