EasyJet has announced that it has reopened its renowned Generation easyJet Pilot Training programme for the 2023 intake of approximately 200 aspiring pilots.

The Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme is delivered in partnership with CAE and provides aspiring airline pilots the highest standards of training to become qualified commercial airline pilots in around two years. Ground training is delivered at CAE’s European aviation academy locations in Gatwick, Milan, Brussels, or Madrid, and flight training at CAE Phoenix in the US.

Second Officer with easyJet

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates begin their careers flying as a Second Officer with easyJet.

A cohort of cadet pilots selected when the programme re-opened in January 2022 is already in training. Applications are now being accepted for programmes beginning as of December 2023 and graduating as of 2026.

1000 new pilots

Over the next five years, over 1000 new pilots are expected to join easyJet. The airline continues to encourage those from diverse backgrounds, including having a focus on driving more female pilots to apply, as part of its commitment to increasing diversity in all forms across the airline and continue to create an inclusive culture for all.

easyJet has pledged its support for CAE Women in Flight, providing one European candidate access to their first employment opportunity. CAE funds and provides pilot training for the successful candidate at one of CAE’s aviation academies. The successful recipient becomes a CAE Women in Flight ambassador, encouraging more girls and women to consider a career in aviation by dreaming big and having no limits.

Recruit and train 1,000 new pilots by 2027

Captain David Morgan, Chief Operating Officer for easyJet, said: “We are delighted to have opened applications for this year’s Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme 2023 as part of our plan to recruit and train 1,000 new pilots by 2027.”
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