Dubai South has announced a new Suppliers’ Complex as part of 2018 plans. It will be focused on offering maintenance and manufacturing solutions. Tahnoon Saif, Vice President, Dubai South Aviation Authority, told us more about why this is so important for operators, suppliers and the region.

Dubai South is a 145-square-kilometre urban planning project. It’s described as a “master-planned city based on happiness of the individual”.

The development is projected to be home to a population of a million, support a wide range of businesses and industries, and create 500,000 jobs.

At its heart is the world’s largest airport in the making – the Al Maktoum International Airport. At Dubai Airshow, Dubai South announced a new Suppliers’ Complex for 2018. It will be focused on offering maintenance and manufacturing solutions.

The Dubai South Aerospace Supply Chain, which the new Complex falls under, is described as “a landside free zone development of multi-purpose buildings for businesses that are a part of the global aerospace supply chain which caters specifically for small to medium size enterprises in the global MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) sector.”

The Suppliers’ Complex aims to allow for easy and quick start-up for aerospace companies. The complex development will offer over 12,000 sq.m. of light industrial space for companies providing support services such as fixed-based operations, MRO, supply of aircraft parts, chartering, freight forwarding and fleet management.