All flights to and from Gatwick have been suspended following reports of drones flying over the airfield.

A significant number of flights are being diverted to other airports and all flight arrivals and departures are currently suspended from Gatwick.

The airport is urging those due to fly today or meeting someone from a flight not to travel to the airport without checking the flight status with their airline first. Reports suggest that over 110,000 passengers on 760 flights were due to use the airport today.

Gatwick Airport said it received reports of two drones flying over the airfield at around 9pm yesterday and several further sightings since.

A statement said: “Our airfield remains closed for safety reasons. We are still investigating these alongside Sussex Police.”

On 30 July the UK drone rules changed to make it against the law to fly above 400ft (120m) and to fly a drone within 1km of an airport or airfield boundary.

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