Trenchard Aviation has developed a cloud-based tablet system which allows customers to see the status of their maintenance operations.

Trenchard Aviation has developed an online which allows customers to see the status of their maintenance operations in real-time.

The Atlas On-Wing solution, which has already been rolled out to one UK customer, is based around a central dashboard controlled by the operational supervisor. Maintenance tasks can be planned electronically and then sent out via the cloud to a tablet device which the maintenance technician will take with them on wing.

Going paperless

Lee Butterfield, Group Operations Director,Trenchard Aviation, explained more about the system and why it was introduced: “It’s a tablet-based technology to augment maintenance operations, not just for our own organisation but for our customers to give better reporting and better indication of where we are at in the critical path of maintenance input, which we provide for a number of UK carriers.

“It’s a project that has been ongoing got the past two years and we’re really pleased to say we’ve launched it now.”

At a glance

The system puts an end to picking up job cards and technicians having to make numerous trips back and forth to the office to give updates, as Butterfield explained: “This can all be done through the tablet. The supervisor can see exactly what the guys are doing. As they are clearing job cards, they update the tablet device and that shows us a red, amber or green status. Customers gain a dashboard view of the system, enabling them to monitor the critical path of the check.”

The introduction of the system also means all parts demands can be raised electronically during the inspection, without the need for the technician to return to the office.

“It actually speeds up progress and makes us more efficient,” said Butterfield.

Labour efficiencies and trend monitoring

Butterfield said that better reporting of trends is another area where the new system has scored highly.

“We’ve realised massive efficiencies – not just in labour, but also every part, every defect that’s raised is logged in the system so we can see recurrent themes, for example. on a certain seat type.

“Over a period of time, we can see particular trends, so that helps us with trend monitoring and we can report that back to the customer.”

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