Artemis unveils innovative pump leading hydraulic power into digital age at Farnborough Airshow

Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd unveiled its new hydraulic pump technology to the aerospace sector this week. 

With the support of Innovate UK, the Digital Displacement pump E-dyn96 was displayed to the aerospace audience at the Farnborough International Airshow.

Digital Displacement is a fundamental new operating principle for hydraulic machines, in which individual working cylinders are controlled in real time by an embedded computer, as opposed to traditional analog swash-plate mechanisms. This leads to the elimination of between 60-80 per cent of pump energy losses, reducing fuel consumption and cooling requirements. 

Direct digital control means response is up to ten times faster than conventional machines. The ability of the machines to control multiple independent outlets at the same time offers new possibilities for efficient system architectures by eliminating wasteful proportional valves.

Within the aerospace sector, Artemis believes the pump will offer opportunities to manufacturers by:

  • Improving the efficiency and controllability of aircraft hydraulic pumps and systems
  • Reducing the energy consumption of ground-based test rigs
  • Enabling disruptive approaches to the challenge of distributed propulsion for fixed wing and rotorcraft

The technology has been used in the offshore wind sector, enabling Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to demonstrate the world’s largest floating wind turbine, which at 7 megawatts is also world’s most powerful hydrostatic transmission. 

Leading hydraulic power into the digital age

Digital Displacement machines and systems are invented, developed and manufactured at Artemis’ headquarters in Loanhead, near Edinburgh and are protected by hundreds of patents. The 55-strong development team spans electronics, software, mechanics, test, application development and manufacturing and won the 2015 MacRobert Award, the UK’s highest award for engineering innovation. 

Dr Niall Caldwell, Managing Director said: “Working with major aircraft manufacturers, we have discovered the ‘guilty secrets’ of today’s aerospace hydraulic systems: poor energy efficiency, and a lack of modern digital control and diagnostics. It’s no wonder the industry is looking to electric technology to enable the next wave of innovation in actuation, distributed propulsion and ground-based test systems. But now hydraulic technology is fighting back. Digital Displacement is a revolution in fluid power – with our partners we are leading hydraulic power into the digital age.”

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