Mark Masluch, Bombardier Business Aircraft, explains how customer feedback helps shape its cabin design.

The Global Premier Cabin was first introduced at EBACE in 2017 and is now being delivered to customers. Mark Masluch, Bombardier Business Aircraft, highlighted how customer input has shaped the way its Premier Cabin has developed.

He said: “It builds on all the award-winning DNA of our Global aircrafts – so the flexible wing for the smoothest ride for our passengers, and now [we’re] bringing a lot of refinements into the cabin area that we looked at when we were developing the Global 7500 aircraft. [This includes] a lot of the aesthetic refinement, the ergonomics, the look and feel, the seat design, certainly how we do flat side ledges as utilitarian spaces, and all of the touches like inlays of metal and two-toned veneer.”

“Every couple of years, we really need to look at trends in the marketplace.”

By Mark Masluch, Bombardier Business Aircraft

He added: “Every couple of years, we really need to look at trends in the marketplace – what customers are expecting from the aesthetics of their cabin and the functionalities. So, the Premier Cabin really came in over the top of some of the work that we’ve done on the back-end, so installing fibre optics … being the first company to roll out the Ka-Band internet service on our Global aircraft.”

TAG Aviation

Bombardier and TAG Aviation Europe announced recently that TAG Aviation will be the first to offer the Global 5000 aircraft with the Premier cabin for charter to European customers.

TAG Aviation’s Florent Series said: “It is definitely very important for us [to be able work with the aircraft manufacturer] because we are also quite often asked by our clients which aircraft to buy next. Having a good knowledge of the product and a good relationship with the OEMs, and knowing that they’ll listen to what our clients are telling us, is very important, and therefore work closely with all aircraft manufacturers.

“We are very, very pleased when it ends up [as] such a nice aircraft to offer to our charter clients.”