Unpicking the regulations and legalities around drone operation is a hurdle for companies wanting to grow their business and service provision through use of UAVs.

Consortiq, which has headquarters in the UK and US, offers solutions to companies wanting to unlock their potential through the drone economy and offers drone programmes for companies looking to use UAVs.

In a statement on the company’s website, Consortiq said drone use was growing within the UK and  drones were already being used, particularly within the oil and gas sector, to detect issues before they become significant problems, helping to lower risk, particularly in the areas of pipeline and other surveys. Consortiq added that early detection of faults could not only result in lower repair costs but could also save lives or prevent environmental disasters.

Drone can save lives and prevent natural disasters

“The beneficial applications of drone technology produce cost-savings and improved efficiencies. The UK is taking advantage of several of these benefits to manage costs, lower risk, and improve safety.”

“The challenges of current conditions in the UK, and globally, will force many businesses and civic organizations to streamline budgets and innovate to stay alive. Drones are one of the tools major industries are working with in the UK to do just that. Further expansion of their use is inevitable.”

Consortiq said the requirements needed to legally fly a drone within the UK could be confusing, but no matter what drone you have or how you intend to use it, operators need to meet the requirements of the Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Service. The company has produced videos explaining UK A2 Certificate of Competency certification and the GVC Drone Course.

All operators must be registered and compliant with UK Drone Code

Whether its commercial operation or to get images of your local beauty spot, all drone operators need to be registered as flyers and have an operator registration on the aircraft which is obtained via CAA’s registration system online. Users must also be compliant with the regulation and act in accordance with the UK Drone Code.

The different categories will depend on the weight of your drone, where you want to fly and how you intend to use it. Consortiq said aircraft manufacturers were still catching up with the regulations for flying different types of drones with different competency certificates for different types of drone operation.

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