Honeywell is using its Forge platform to help boost airline productivity using data. The platform works by aggregating and cleaning data, helping airlines, OEMs and MROs to improve their operations and performance through data interpretation.

Raghed Talih, Aerospace Leader, Middle East for Honeywell explained: “Honeywell Forge is basically a nose to tail secure data ingestion platform that analyses and unlocks critical performance and operational metrics, which helps in fuel efficiency, operational efficiency, maintenance, safety, ground time, and eventually provides rapid improvements on what we call airlines inefficiencies, eventually reducing cost of operation and providing more return on investment and value to the operators.”

Optimising future performance

The company works in collaborations with companies and has recently announced a partnership with Lufthansa Technik. Customers provide access to secure data, with the platform’s ability to analyse helping to optimise future performance.

“What we do is we take it, we clean it, filter it, take all these, as I said, critical performance and operational metrics, and work with this to provide those optimisations for all the various aspects of aircraft operation. So basically, we give it to them back. It’s their ownership, it remains under their ownership versus maybe overall, the question of who owns this and the question of ownership of this data, Honeywell has a direct solution for that.”