Dassault Aviation unveiled its new flagship business jet last night on a digital launch broadcast to customers and media around the world, writes Alan Peaford.

The Falcon 10X was described as the widest and most efficient purpose-built business jet ever with a range of 7500 nautical miles at speeds of up to Mach 0.925 – just short of the speed of sound – allowing most key city pairs in a single hop, and just one technical stop to reach the rest of the world.

This clean-sheet design has not only brought in the latest technology for the structure of the aircraft, the flight deck and the cabin have been designed to cater for those making the 15-hour flight in ultimate comfort.

But it is not all about high speed – this new generation of Falcon can also go slow when needed. The low speed approach allows it to land in less than 800m and will meet requirements for a London City operation.

Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X is manuafacturer’s first on a Dassault jet

At the heart of the Falcon 10X capability is the Rolls-Royce Pearl engine. This is the UK engine-maker’s first success on a Dassault jet and is ticking all the right environmental boxes.

Called the Pearl 10X, it is the most powerful variant of Pearl family delivering more than 18,000 lb of thrust

It features and blisk fan technology for greater efficiency, an innovative 3D printed combustor for lower emissions, an advanced HP turbine for longer life and above all has been designed to be compatible and already tested with 100 per cent Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

For the flight crew, there is comfort as well as technology-driven efficiency. The pilot seats can recline to lie-flat bed to allow the non-flying pilot to rest during the marathon long flights (15-hours is a possibility) and could mean a two-pilot crew could manage thanks to the reduced workload.

Technology derived from Rafale fighter

The technology – much of it derived from the Rafale fighter jet – includes a single lever throttle and for the first time in the civil aviation, the pilots can simply press a button if they are disoriented or in case of wake turbulence, and the aircraft will automatically recover to a safe attitude and speed (recovery mode). This revolutionary feature is a direct transfer of technology from the Rafale.

In the cabin, pressurisation will also be the best on the market, with passengers experiencing a 3,000-foot cabin pressure altitude while flying at 41,000 feet. A next-generation filtration system will provide 100-percent pure air and Dassault say the aircraft will be at least as quiet as the Falcon 8X, currently the quietest business jet in service.

The 38 extra-large windows give plenty of light to the 78 cubic metre cabin space with a new type of seating giving access to wide aisles or sliding together for dining.

“Room to move around”

“You need the room to move around if it is a long flight,” said Carlos Brana, the executive vice-president. Options include an entertainment room, various bedroom possibilities, large lounge and dining spaces and forget the galley, this has a luxury kitchen where guests can gather for snacks and refreshments, just like at home.




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