Image: Dassault

This year’s Falcon Maintenance and Operations Seminar will take place on April 5 in Paris, France and conclude May 17 in São Paulo, Brazil. Miami and Chicago will also be included on this year’s tour.

The series will feature a smaller number of stops but an expanded, two-day format in the US intended to make more information available to operators and increase opportunities for them to meet and exchange insights and experience.


“The modified format, prompted by input from operators and the Falcon Operator Advisory Board, will permit more in-depth discussion of some of the more challenging issues facing the Falcon community while setting aside time for networking,” said Jean Kayanakis, senior vice president, Worldwide Customer Service and Service Centre Network at Dassault Aviation. “We hope this will further expand the flow of information and feedback that is critical to optimising the Falcon customer experience.”

This year’s tour will feature presentations on the latest Falcon programs, breakout sessions for pilots, cabin crew and technicians, and plenty of opportunities to chat with vendors, training providers and other operators.

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