With demand for scheduled travel at a low, Dassault’s Falcon 6X has rolled off the production line ahead of a revival in demand for private and business travel

The 6X features the widest cabin of any purpose-built business aircraft and is likely to make a great impact in luxury market. The new long-range jet was rolled out at Dassault’s Merignac facility, watched by a global online audience. Dassault CEO Eric Trappier outlined the goals for the new jet: “The keys are 1) Efficiency 2) Comfort – it’s something which is important for us.”

The 6X has a range of 5500 nautical miles – the equivalent of LA to Moscow. Trappier added: “What is great with a 6X is the at the roomy fuselage and the width of the fuselage that gives this cabin great comfort by keeping the flexibility of all our Falcon and that is very important for our customers.”

The large cabin has plenty of room to carry on business, briefings – and dine well. Its length allows a separate “owners” space at the back with divans that can make two single or one double bed.

PW812D engine “as smooth as silk”

The 6X uses Pratt & Whitney’s PW812D engines. CEO of Pratt &Whitney Canada, Maria Della Posta, joined the online celebration, updating watchers on more than 500 hours of engine testing:

“We’re thrilled with what we’ve seen so far in terms of engine performance and we’re excited to have it on the Falcon,” she said. “It is the most modern efficient environmentally responsible engine and it offers double digit improvements in fuel burn, emissions and noise.

“For the passenger we’ve designed the engine to provide an unmatched experience with an exceptionally quiet and comfortable cabin. In fact, some customers have said it’s as smooth as silk. The engine sets industry standards as well with 40 per cent less scheduled maintenance activity and 20 per cent fewer inspections than anything in this class.”

The aircraft will be making its first flight early in 2021 and is set to enter first service in 2022.

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