Programme will grow defence export skills, first cohort to commence studies in January 2019

Cranfield University has been chosen by the Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) to be the education provider for the Defence Enterprise Export Programme (DEEP) launched today at the Farnborough International Airshow.

The programme, supported by DGP partner firms, aims to grow existing skills in export specialists and deliver an additional pipeline of export talent to the UK defence industry. Access to the programme is available through the apprenticeship levy, as well as through traditional funding pathways.

First cohort begin studies in January 2019

The first cohort was announced at a presentation this morning at Farnborough. They will commence their studies at Cranfield in January 2019 where they will undertake an industry-accredited Executive MBA as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Defence Export. DEEP also provides a career pathway and a secondment and loan model enabling individuals to move between firms and roles to build key skills and experience, as well as benefiting from mentoring opportunities.

Continued partnership between DGP and Cranfield

The DEEP programme represents a continuation of the partnership between the DGP and Cranfield University initiated with the Systems Engineering Master’s Apprenticeship Programme (SEMAP) in 2016.

Professor Sir Peter Gregson, Chief Executive and Vice-Chancellor, Cranfield University, said: “This programme draws on our unique strengths in management and technology. DGP DEEP will boost the skills of defence industry executives and Government officials and enable Britain to compete even more successfully on the international stage in this key sector.”

Allan Cook, Co-Chair of the DGP, said: “Export is critically important to the long-term prosperity of the UK defence industry and the launch of DEEP will support major growth in this area. It’s a fantastic programme in partnership with Cranfield University, a truly world-class academic institution, that can benefit the entire defence industry.

Together, we will help to grow the UK economy by bolstering existing export skills and enabling companies to secure more high-value export contracts. It’s highly significant because, while there has been a huge focus on skills development at entry level in recent years, there has been far less emphasis on the upskilling of experienced, mid-level professionals who are on the pathway to become future business leaders. Continued skills development is crucial to personal and professional growth and a programme like DEEP helps to improve skills and assist their career development.”

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