Travellers’ priorities for travel in the post-Covid crisis period are focused on simplification and convenience, the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) 2022 Global Passenger Survey (GPS) found.

“Travel during Covid-19 was complex, cumbersome and time consuming due to government-imposed travel requirements. Post-pandemic, passengers want improved convenience throughout their trip,” said Nick Careen, IATA’s senior vice president for operations, safety and security.

“Digitalisation and use of biometrics to speed up the travel journey is the key.”

Planning and booking

Passengers want convenience when they plan their travel and when choosing where to depart from, the survey showed.

Their preference is to fly from an airport close to home, have all booking options and services available in one single place, pay with their preferred payment method and easily offset their carbon emissions.

Proximity to the airport was passengers’ main priority when choosing where to fly from (75 per cent). This was more important than ticket price (39 per cent).

Travellers were satisfied being able to pay with their preferred payment method which was available for 82 per cent of travellers. Having access to planning and booking information in one single place was identified as being a top priority.

Offsetting carbon emissions

Some 18 per cent of passengers said that they offset their carbon emissions, the main reason given by those that did not was not being aware of the option (36 per cent).

“Today’s travellers expect the same online experience as they get from major retailers like Amazon. Airline retailing is driving the response to these needs,” said Muhammad Albakri, IATA senior vice president financial settlement and distribution services.

“It enables airlines to present their full offer to travellers. And that puts the passenger in control of their travel experience with the ability to choose the travel options that they want with convenient payment options.”
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