Continued discussion at events such as Space-Comm Expo will help the industry to explore the wider context of space, according to the managing director of Viasat.

Steven Beeching was a keynote speaking at a session entitled “Using Outcomes to Action a Sustainable Space-Based Strategy” at last month’s event. Beeching spoke on how the industry could move beyond visions statements and accept the challenge of delivering a strategic action plan to fulfil the nation’s space objectives and desired outcomes.

“Today we talked around the evolution of the future of space, the technology, the policy but all based on delivery and our customers and our mission outcomes to drive that technology and that talent,” explained Beeching.”

“Fulcrum for investment” into the UK space sector

He added that it was vital for the UK space sector to gather together to discuss the future at events such as Space-Comm. “Hopefully with the confidence that’s coming as we move outside of COVID I’d like to see this expanding more or further. I think it will bring the industry together, it starts to allow us to look at the wider context of space as well around policy, defence, government and really try to expand into and give a fulcrum for this investment that’s coming into the UK.”



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