The state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) says it plans to develop “trains that can fly on the ground”, travelling at up to 2,500mph.

“The corporation has built rich experience and accumulated technological know-how through major projects, and it has the capabilities in simulation, modelling and experimentation for large-scale projects, as well as the world-class design capability for supersonic aircraft, all of which lay the important ground for the super-fast train project,” state-owned website The Paper writes of CASC’s plans.

CASC has already been involved in developing satellites, rockets and missiles. It now plans to work with over 20 research institutes within China and abroad to develop the ‘flying trains’.

Liu Shiquan, CASIC manager, said the train would have a passenger pod propelled by magnetic levitation through a tube in near-vacuum.

The idea is similar to Elon Muks’s Hyperloop concept, which is aiming to reach speeds of 700mph, but currently getting near 200 mph.