Carcoon America is known for its inflatable storage pods to protect classic cars. It now offers a product for the aviation industry too. David Bernard from Carcoon America told FINN more.

Carcoon’s aircraft pods can be used for helicopters, as well as civilian and military aircraft.

Bernard explained: The original [product] was a Carcoon for storage of classic cars and motorcycles, etc. The idea was the way you put the car away is the way you take it out of there again. We grew from cars to planes to boats to helicopters. Anything you want to store or anything that needs to be stored in a controlled humidity environment – it’s something that we can do.”

He added: “Each unit has fans… and you get a positive airflow around the vehicle or the aircraft. This prevents build-up of condensation and moisture – so no mould and no dirt .”

Explaining how it works, Bernard said: “It comes in two pieces so you’ll have a base mat. You lay the base mat down on the ground, put the aircraft on top, pull the cover over, zip it up, plug it in and walk away.”

The pods include dehumidifiers to control temperature and humidity from the outside. Cameras can be used so owners can check on the aircraft inside.

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