Aircraft interiors solutions typically focus on sight, touch and hearing but we rarely see much on smell. Fokker Services is changing that with its cabin scenting technology.

Fokker Services has partnered with the cosmetic brand Rituals for its cabin scenting system.

Niels Elshof, Fokker Services, explained: “The concept is already used in hotels and supermarkets [where they] distribute a nice scent through the air conditioning systems. Fokker Services has certified that whole system to be used in an aircraft. We hook it up to the air conditioning system in the cabin and let it be programmed by the airline themselves with the fragrance that they like.”

The airline can also time when they want the scent to be distributed – e.g. when passengers enter the aircraft, after dinner and when preparing to disembark.

Elshof said the system can make the passengers feel comfortable and can even help them overcome the fear of flying.

Ancillary revenues?

Supermarkets, for example, are well known for pumping out inviting smells such as baking bread to up consumers’ spend. Does the scenting system also offer an opportunity for airlines to boost ancillary revenue?

Elshof isn’t so sure that’s the best approach. “We live in a very transparent world, and people do not want to be manipulated,” he said.

“It will be the decision of each airline but I would suggest focusing on giving passengers a good experience and not trying to get more money out of them. Passengers are your guests and you need to treat them as such.”

“Make them happy to fly so they book again,” Elshof said.

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