Budget squeezes open up new defence training opportunities

UK military training is rated among the best in the world and typically Ministry of Defence trainers have led training internationally. However, budget squeezes have opened up a gap, and a great opportunity for independent companies, such as Kno Solutions, to fill it.

Paul Cottell, Managing Director, Kno Solutions, explains: “We are a relatively young training company building on the delivery of hardware – e.g. aircraft that are delivered are just delivered without the training on the back. As a niche company, we go to the customer and say’what sort of training would you like?’ and then we redesign the training – bespoke, just for them….it’s wrap around support.”

Kno Solutions’ main focus is in Middle East countries such as Oman, Bahrain, UAE and Kuwait, and its trainers are all ex-military experts

Cottell explains more in the video above.

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