How Dassault Systèmes is using a 3D experience platform to boost collaboration between buyers and suppliers

Dassault Systemes 3D platform will help manufacturers and suppliers to collaborate faster as the industry moves towards systems based engineering.

According to Dassault’s Vice President, Aerospace and Defence Industry, David Ziegler,the platform is part of a ‘sequential’ approach towards greater collaboration.

He said: “As the aerospace industry evolves towards a new collaborative approach between buyers and suppliers, Dassault Systems has unveiled a 3D modelling platform which can help the way the industry works – from requirements to build to print specifications.”

Zeigler explained how the system worked: “Through the 3D experience platform, we provide a collaborative environment for suppliers and for customers to work altogether and actually collaborate much faster than before.”

“Manufacturers really want to get up to speed with their programmes, want a single 3D platform that helps them bridge the gap, that helps between the virtual and the real, making sure they can test their early designs for manufacturing which helps them get it right the first time.”

‘Reinventing the skies’

Zeigler added that using a single platform would also help manufacturers and suppliers to both share and implement the highest standards within the industry. Dassault was also using the platform to work together with five urban partners, working within the urban air market.

Zeigler added: “These guys are clearly reinventing the sky. It’s not just about flying metal anymore, it’s about a model-based system engineering towards a model based enterprise and they are clearly reinventing the way we fly.”