Mike Fleming, VP, Commercial Services, Boeing Global Services, explains how Boeing Global Services’ suite of digital products is evolving.

Fleming said: “Boeing Global Services, a division of the Boeing Company, is a really broad portfolio which services pretty much all aspects of the airlines market.”

This includes training, digital aviation products to help airlines operate more efficiently,  supply chain and logistics,  and engineering maintenance.

He added: “We’re continuing to evolve all of the products in our digital aviation suite. We came out with one recently called Route Sync. It takes pilots’ flight planning information and automatically populates that into the flight management computer. So it saves the pilots time [by doing that] automatically, as opposed to having to do it manually. It’s time that can be spent talking to the crew or talking to the passengers coming on to the aeroplane.”

Other digital aviation products include Flitedeck Advisor, which allows the reliability engineers of an airline to monitor trends on the aeroplane and deploy maintenance programmes as required. Airplane Health Management gives airlines an advanced capability to monitor their aeroplanes  in real-time.

Fleming said: “The data coming off the aeroplane helps our customers prioritise what they should work on,  and allows them to turn unscheduled maintenance into scheduled maintenance, which allows the airline to run more efficiently.”

What’s next?

Looking ahead for how the suite will develop from here, Fleming said: “I think you’ll see us continue to develop more and more apps. We listen very closely to our customers, and what it is they’re looking for. Aviation is a very competitive market, so they’ve got to continue to evolve their business models. We have to evolve with them. You’ll see us continue to bring new products out into the marketplace and new applications which will allow us to help them operate more efficiently.”

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