If you want to know how a market is performing, ask one of the leasing companies as they typically have their fingers right on the pulse. We talked to Robert Martin, CEO, BOC Aviation, one of the world’s top five leasing companies, about the APAC market.

Martin said: “In Asia Pacific we’re seeing very good market growth at the moment. The demographics are very good. The economies are growing well.”

“We’ll see Asia Pacific becoming the dominant market during this decade.”

By Robert Martin, CEO, BOC Aviation

On whether APAC will overtake the US, Martin said: “It’s purely a matter of population growth and demographics. If you look at the number of cities here in Asia Pacific with more than a million people, it dwarfs the number in North America.”

Going global

Although BOC Aviation is backed by the Bank of China, it still focuses on international markets.

Martin said: “We’re a very global company. If you look at our portfolio today I would say it’s well spread across Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. So whenever we choose an aircraft, we want to make sure it has global applicability when we come to place it with customers.”

Watch the video for the full interview, covering BOC’s financial performance and the future for the company.

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