Steadicopter’s unmanned helicopter can fly up to four hours at a maximum range of 150 km

Steadicopter has launched its Black Eagle 50 unmanned helicopter suitable for a range of applications including pipeline and wire inspections and ISTAR.

Noam Lidor, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Israel-based manufacturer, said: “The Black Eagle 50 is an unmanned helicopter that we design and manufacture. It has a 35kg maximum take off weight with the ability to fly up to 4 hours and a maximum range of 150km.”

“We can put whatever kind of payload that you want, so what you choose will give us the application which is required.”

Autopilot modelisation improves balance and hovering

Steadicopter’s name derives from the specialist modelisation used for the autopilot for command and control which has been specifically designed by the company’s engineers and applied to improve balance and hovering for the UAV.

The Black Eagle 50 has been designed and manufactured to operate even if GPS is blacked out. Lidor said this was in response to customer requirements: “One of the things that we got from speaking with the Ministry of Defence of Israel and the military is that we cannot fly only relying only on GPS, so we took that and we talked to our engineers. We have managed to do a very, very smart algorithm that allows us to continue to navigate without the GPS, using the INS only.”

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