HeliOperations (HeliOps) has provided aviation services and aircrew training for fixed and rotary wing communities within the military and civilian aviation industry for more than 11 years.

Our customers include the German and Pakistan Navies, Norwegian Air Force, UK Empire Test Pilots’ School and the Irish Coastguard. We are trusted for our capacity, reliability and suitability to provide bespoke aviation solutions and training that is regulatory compliant and based on syllabi taught to the UK’s Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. Military and civilian clients choose HeliOps for good reason – our expertise spans a variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, military and civilian regulatory compliance and a number of roles.

Authorised to operate military registered aircraft in the UK

HeliOps is an EASA qualified auditing entity, an IS-BAO accredited Aviation Management Company and an Aviation Inspection Body (AIB) to the Marshal Islands shipping registry. We provide complete solutions that include contract aircrew, aircraft acquisition, design, certification, configuration, assurance, aircrew training, aviation standards, operational delivery and ongoing support. Our ‘Contractor Flying Approved Organisation Scheme’ approval authorises us to operate military registered aircraft in the UK and to provide military training within military training areas to exacting military training standards. Our ‘Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation’ (CAMO) and Military Part 145 certifications entitle our engineers to conduct all maintenance work on our fleet of 19 ex-MOD Sea King aircraft. Each approval illustrates our stringent standards, professionalism and credibility. HeliOps’ has full ISO9001 accreditation.

Training module equipped with augmented and virtual reality

HeliOps operates from Portland on the UK’s southern coast. Outstanding accommodation, excellent transport links and modern, well-equipped classrooms provide an ideal learning environment. A winch training module equipped with augmented reality and virtual reality enables an understanding of winch operations in a safe, comfortable and controlled environment. HeliOps can quickly deliver a training solution that meets your operational requirement.

Rotary and fixed wing training solutions, as taught to UK military aircrew, are available. Based upon the UK’s Central Flying School syllabi, delivered by highly experienced former UK military QHIs, QOIs and QAIs, our training can be designed according to the UK Defence Systems Approach to Training framework. Extensive use of the UK’s military flying training areas and low flying system is supplemented by use of HeliOps’ own Sea King simulator at RNAS Culdrose.

On-site maintenance of military registered air systems

HeliOps’ engineering and logistics facility more than 3,000 sq m of maintenance, logistics and office space. Together with HeliOps’ UK Military Aviation Authority’s Part 145 approval, this facility satisfies the regulatory requirements for on-site maintenance of military registered air systems and components and enable the delivery of world-class engineering support.

With operations in numerous global locations, endorsed by national aviation authorities, we are well placed to assist with your aviation requirements and welcome enquiries. Contact [email protected]

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