BAE Systems has unveiled a new lightweight, compact Head-Up Display (HUD) for use in commercial and military aircraft.

LiteWave is a laptop-sized HUD mounted above the pilot’s head that presents critical information, such as direction, altitude, and speed, directly in their line of sight. Being 70 per cent smaller and lighter than a traditional HUD, LiteWave can be fitted in aircraft with even the most limited cockpit space. It’s also up to 80 per cent faster to install and its simple design makes maintenance quicker and cheaper.

Powered by BAE Systems’ patented waveguide technology, LiteWave can be adjusted to suit any individual flying position and allows the pilot to maintain situational awareness, even during poor weather or at night.

“LiteWave can be fitted into virtually any cockpit in the world”, said Lee Tomlinson, director of HUD products at BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems business.

Revolutionise the market

“Our engineers have created a digital display that is smaller, lighter and uses less power than any other Head-Up Display. It has the potential to revolutionise the market and make HUD technology far more accessible.”

LiteWave is manufactured at BAE Systems’ Electronic Systems site in Rochester, UK, which has innovated and invested in cockpit displays for over 60 years. The Rochester site has produced more than 15,000 HUDs, which are in service on more than 50 different aircraft types in more than 50 countries globally. 

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