Emissions calculation and mitigation solutions provider Azzera has added a SAF management module to its CELESTE software platform, with fuel uplift and book-and-claim services now “trackable through the first-of-a-kind-functionality”.

Described by Azzera as an “industry-first SAF management module,” the new automated ‘SAF Inventory Management and Tracking functionality’ stores data in a single module, with users able to track where there SAF is purchased, how much is uplifted, and which routes were flown with it. The system also “aggregates SAF demand and provides SAF certificates directly to the operator on their platform interface,” explains Azzera.

Emissions are segregated by carbon compliance market: including CORSIA (the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) and regional emissions trading systems EU ETS, UK ETS and CH ETS. Users can assess the climate impact of projects using Azzera’s data and buy carbon credits, equivalent to one tonne of carbon emissions, through the digital platform.

The new SAF module also allocates uptake to specific missions, “better preparing operators for the forthcoming RefuelEU aviation mandates” to enforce a minimum percentage of SAF from 2025, a requirement set to increase through to 2050.

“The vast majority of Europe’s operators are counting emissions – the mandates are driving this – and increasingly operators worldwide are voluntarily monitoring emissions too,” explained Azzera founder and CEO Puja Mahajan. “Our focus is to apply innovative technology to create a digital platform, which is effortless to use, and brings real value to companies seeking a reliable, trustworthy solution”.
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