Role-based multiple-app platform gives engineers, trouble shooters and managers an overview of their fleet status

Lufthansa Technik’s AVIATAR cloud-based digital operations suite helps airlines to know the status of their fleet.

The platform offers a variety of digital products and services for airlines, MROs, OEMs and lessors by combining multiple apps in one place. AVIATAR provides health monitoring, predictive maintenance, automised fulfilment and component exchanges.

Jan Phillipp Graesch Senior Product Sales Manager for Lufthansa Technik said the platform’s data insights would bring solutions to the airlines.

He explained: “The benefits for the customer is to know upfront what happens and to make use of the data. Air aircraft are now flying for 30 years to 50 years and we now make use of the data, so the airline knows what they need to do and at what point of time they need to do it.”

Multi-role log ins

While the airline provides data to AVIATAR, the display is role-based, so engineers, trouble shooters or even managers can gain an overall view of the status of the aircraft and fleet.

Graesch said AI would disrupt the MRO sector but this would depend on a significant initial investment including creation of a stock of components. But he added that AI would ultimately save airlines money by adding predictability into their maintenance schedules.

“Components can be at the aircraft before the failure happens and before the airline knows there will be a failure,” he said.

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