Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service South Eastern (RFDS SE) Section is adopting Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC)’s FAST (Full flight data Acquisition, Storage and Transmission) prognostic solution.

The aim is to optimize operations, reduce costs, increase the availability of its fleet of PT6A-powered Beechcraft King Air aircraft and bring new efficiencies through predictive and preventative maintenance.

FAST provides situational awareness about engine health, usage and trends. It captures, analyses and wirelessly transmits high-density, full-flight data after each mission for over 2,000 P&WC engines.

In April 2015 three of the RFDS SE Section’s aircraft were equipped and used as sample aircraft to enable P&WC’s FAST technology to be certified for Beechcraft King Air aircraft. Since final certification in May 2017, another three aircraft have been equipped and there are plans in place for several more installations of the FAST solution in 2018.

Understanding the aircraft

“With the FAST solution we can now understand more about how our aircraft operate, be more efficient and provide a better experience for patients in the Australian Outback,” said David Charlton, General Manager of Aviation and Strategic Development, RFDS SE Section. “We greatly value the opportunity to collaborate with P&WC because solutions like the FAST system help keep us at the forefront of safety and innovation in the Asia Pacific aeromedical sector.”

Tim Swail, Vice President, Customer Programs, P&WC, said: “The FAST engine health management solution is ideally suited to the RFDS, a long-time P&WC customer that continues to raise the bar as an adopter of digital technologies to support their life-saving missions and enhance its operations,” said. “We are committed to delivering tailored, data-driven services to our customers that drive greater engine and aircraft availability, reduce costs, and help optimise their maintenance environment.”