Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR has partnered with Norwegian-owned Swedish airline Braathens and energy company Neste to deliver the company’s first 100 per cent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) commercial flight.

It is expected that an ATR flying with 100 per cent SAF in both engines would reduce CO2 emissions by 82 per cent, if it were flying one of Braathens Regional Airlines’ typical routes.

ATR 72-600

The flight, using a Braathens’ ATR 72-600, is scheduled to take place “soon” and will operate from Malmö to Stockholm-Bromma (BMA).

The collaboration follows the successful Perfect Flight venture in 2019 in which every aspect of a BRA ATR flight was optimised, including the use of a 50 per cent SAF blend. This led to a saving of 46 per cent of CO2 emissions, compared to a standard flight.

Concrete action

Speaking last year, Per G. Braathen, Chairman of Braathens Regional Airlines said: “It is absolutely vital that aviation goes even further to decarbonise. It is what we want, and what our passengers and the general public expect.

“However, we must be realistic and accept that it is today impossible to achieve this aim with one concrete action only. This is a process with many steps and, in the short-term, the most efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions is to increase the use of SAF.

“Partnering with ATR to achieve 100 per cent SAF certification will enable us to reach our goal of 100 per cent SAF in our planes in 2030. This is in line with our strategy to become the world’s first net-zero airline 10 year ahead of any other airline.”

‘Important step’

Jonathan Wood, Vice President Europe, Renewable Aviation at Neste said: “We are continuously supporting the aviation industry in its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are pleased to be part of this 100 per cent SAF project, which is an important step towards securing certification of flights that are 100 per cent powered by Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel.”

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