Archer Aviation’s Midnight’s flight test campaign is accelerating as the company closes in on a transition milestone.

In Q1, Archer flew 100+ flights, keeping the firm on track to exceed its goal of 400 flights this year.

Midnight is closing in on its transition milestone, meaning it would take off vertically, accelerate until it transitions from thrust-born to wing-borne flight and then land again vertically.

From there, Archer intends to fly the aircraft as much as 10-15 times per day getting closer to the commercial mission tempo.

Final assembly of the first conforming Midnight aircraft is also rapidly progressing.

Archer has made significant progress on final assembly and integration of the aircraft’s components and systems and is on track to begin piloted flight tests of the aircraft later this year.

The company has announced the completion of its new battery pack manufacturing line, and has signed a framework agreement with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office for multi-hundred-million dollars to accelerate commercial air taxi operations across the UAE.

Commenting, Adam Goldstein, Archer’s CEO said: “The electrification of aviation continues to increasingly emerge into the mainstream every day. From the outset, we’ve been clear that our strategy is to keep the design of our first electric aircraft, Midnight, as simple as possible while delivering industry-leading performance balanced with safety.

“We are accomplishing this by partnering with what we believe to be the best suppliers in the aerospace industry, rather than take on the cost and risk of vertically integrating every aspect of a novel aircraft programme. This capital-light strategy continues to pay dividends that are more clear today than ever, as we continue to make rapid progress towards commercialising electric aviation.”
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