Purchase agreement will convert 30 of American’s existing A321neo orders to A321XLRs, plus an additional 20 A321XLRs

American Airlines has signed a deal for 50 of Airbus’ new A321XLR aircraft.

The purchase agreement includes the conversion of 30 of American’s existing A321neo to A321XLRs and incremental orders for an additional 20 A321XLRs.

The A321XLR will have the longest range of any single-aisle commercial jetliner. The added range of up to 4,700 nm will allow the airline to operate flights from US East Coast airports to medium-size European cities.

Largest Airbus operator in world

The A321XLR is powered by the same engines, and has more than 90 per cent commonality with the A321neo but has an enhanced maximum takeoff weight of 101 metric tonnes without sacrificing performance. Texas-based American Airlines is the largest Airbus operator in the world with 422 Airbus aircraft. Including today’s announcement, American has outstanding orders for 115 Airbus A321neos and A321XLRs.

The A321XLR has been launched to respond to market needs for greater range and payload to create more value for airlines. From 2023, it will deliver an unprecedented Xtra Long Range of up to 4,700nm – 15 per cent more than the A321LR and with 30 per cent lower fuel burn per seat compared with previous generation competitor aircraft. The A321XLR’s new Airspace cabin will provide passenger seats in all classes on a single-aisle aircraft.