Skailark, a data as a Service company which provides its customers with granular, highly accurate cost and revenue data insights, has announced that American Airlines (AA) will adopt Airline Economics by Skailark.

Christian Soyk, CEO and founder, commented from the Aviation Festival in Miami: “We are both thrilled and proud to be announcing American Airlines as our new client.

“We are looking forward to supporting American with our digital twin, providing the most accurate cost and revenue data in the airline industry through our bottom-up modelling approach.”

Skailark will provide American Airlines with Skailark Airline Economics to support its decisions across the entire value chain.

Airline Economics will enable American Airlines to include unparalleled market and competitor insights into their decision-making, further strengthening their market leading position.

Securing this long-term contract with American adds further validation of the use cases, data, and digital twin approach that Skailark brings to the industry.

Airline Economics uses proprietary advanced machine learning models (ML) to generate relevant cost and revenue data by route, O&D or aircraft type.

Cost data can be adjusted by sector length for example to ensure comparability with other operators.
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